Zona pickups

Zona pickups


Zona pickups are a little different from the herd. I make two versions in standard humbucker format but these are not usual humbuckers, not even close.

I was looking for a pickup that would retain clarity through a wall of pedals and distortion, something crisp yet warm, articulate but in the higher output range. And over a period of nearly a year of intensive R&D the results speak for themselves.

Each pickup features coils with individual magnetic pole pieces, kind of like two single coils strapped together. However, each coil has offset winding and different magnets. The No 23s feature Alnico 2 magnets in the outer coils and Alnico 3s in the inner coils, whilst the No 35s mix Alnico 3s and 5s in the same way. The pole pieces are extra long. They extend through the base plate, creating a larger magnetic field area, whilst the all-brass construction (including the brass top grill) is carefully engineered to calm eddy currents. The result is a pickup unlike anything else available on the market right now.

Zona Pickups   Zona Pickups SG


Click here to download the full wiring diagram

ZONA No.23

One overwound Alnico 3 coil, one underwound Alnico 2 coil. Handwound, wax potted, integrated heavily aged stripped copper and brass cover. Output approx 9k.

Ultra-clear but warm, with the slight crunch of the A2.

zona23 topview

ZONA No.35

One overwound Alnico 3 coil, one underwound Alnico 5 coil. Handwound, wax potted, integrated pitted and aged, chrome cover. Output approx 9.5k.

Optimum tonal clarity, but rounded by the A3.

zona35 topview

How to order

Pickups are all hand-wound to order. I do keep a small amount of stock, but this is limited so expect a delivery time of around 2 to 3 weeks.

UK orders: Please fill in the form to start the order process. Once this is received we will be in touch to confirm timescales and any additional details. 

International orders: Due to tax and import duty differences worldwide please use my Reverb shop for ordering.

For any queries, customisation options, or further information please use the contact form or the WhatsApp button to get in touch.


Prices are £90 plus P+P for a single, or £10 discount (£170) plus P+P for a pair.

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